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Huawei Casting   is one of the largest steel-casting companies in China  and casts using the “lost wax” method. With this method, lost wax castings can be produced with a high degree of dimensional accuracy and complex shapes. This method also provides engineers with a significant degree of product design freedom and choice of materials. Your specific desires and requirements can be incorporated in the cast pieces.


Huawei castings are applied in the automotive and aeroplane industry, pharmaceutical and food industry, process technology and machine construction all over the world. Renowned manufacturers use castings that have been cast in the our  foundries. These components are for example used in motors, gearboxes, paintmixers, balers and hydraulic transmissions.


LONGXING CASTING is a professional Casting Foundry manufacturer and supplier in China. As a first class company, our factory has advanced foundry technique and offers the best quality machinery parts. Welcome to buy Casting Foundry and other products from us.

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